Bravo LT Hosts Raspberry Pi Camp

raspberry_pi_campBravo LT will host a computer youth camp called Shoot for the Stars, which uses Raspberry Pi computers to increase the skills and knowledge of computing for middle school aged children. The camp will be held on August 18 and 20 from 5:00-7:00 PM at St. Robert Parish in Ada, MI.

Raspberry Pi computers are very low cost credit-card sized computers that plug into TVs or monitors and use keyboards and mice. More information on Raspberry Pi computers may be found at .

Bravo LT is delivering the camp for free, however there is a $70 cost for the children to keep the Raspberry Pi computers and kit, which contains an SD card with Raspbian OS, a power supply, an HDMI cord, a Wi-Fi USB adaptor, and a case.

The purpose of this camp is to enhance children’s skills and knowledge of computing through exploring the basic components of a computer and it’s capabilities through a Raspberry Pi. The instructors, who are volunteering their time, are computer scientists from Bravo LT.

Day 1 includes a rocket launch with a Raspberry Pi, assembling the Raspberry Pi, and an introduction to computing. Day 2 includes hands interactive labs, to include: Sizzling Sensors – Setting up sensors, Minecraft – Getting Started with Minecraft Pi, and Rocket Man – Setting up and launching a rocket outside.

For more information about the event, or to register, visit

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