Four Reasons to Choose Bravo LT

TRUST In A Committed Partner

When choosing Bravo LT, we are obligated to provide high-quality services and sound products that help you achieve your organization’s goals. We integrate our functional expertise and technical capabilities with sound talent management practices to create performance that works.

You will gain a partner that is trustworthy and altruistic. While the transaction of daily business tasks are essential in reaching business goals, the communication that encompasses these tasks are just as important.

When partnering with Bravo both sides have skin in the game. Commitment and self-investment from both sides of the table creates an environment of shared risk and an incentive to share the gains — a true partnership.

At Bravo LT, soft skills like compassion and empathy drive hard skills like development, operations, and research. We feel that soft skills link hard skills to operational productivity, organizational synergy, and high-quality results, since all require sound human commitment.

REDUCE Long-Term Cost

Recent research demonstrates a direct correlation between information technology (IT) outsourcing and reducing operating cost.

Results suggest that organizations will benefit in reducing operating costs when they have higher levels of complementary investments in internal IT. Pure outsourcing is ineffective, therefore a coordinated effort between external resources and internal resources creates a synergistic environment, which ultimately results in overall cost reduction.

Let us be your partner in outsourcing application development, big data, Web services, and software processes so you can focus on driving your business strategies to further reduce costs.

ACCESS Highly Skilled Talent

All Bravo LT staff hold bachelor or master degrees in computer science, instructional design, communication studies, and marketing. Staff bring a diverse corporate background from organizations, such as Allied Health Solutions, Amway, Ford, General Motors, Herman Miller, Microsoft, and Meijer.

We invest in our people, so you’re able to partner with highly skilled advisors to reach your business goals. This investment includes all staff participating in professional development training, completing a DiSC profile workshop, attending industry conferences to stay on the cutting edge of our trade, and being treated like they’re #1.

Hey companies! News flash! It’s time to treat your employees like they’re #1.

OBTAIN Innovative Processes & Solutions

We understand that organizations don’t always have the capacity to create or maintain their own applications, curriculum, and documentation.

As a Bravo LT partner you will obtain innovative processes and solutions for custom software development, web services, big data, instructional design, and technical writing. Our software processes on sound business analysis, agile project management, test-driven development, and QA testing practices allow your organization to be successful. Our accomplishments with developing and servicing real time systems in various industries helps you achieve results, swiftly delivered by leading technical experts through flexible methods that best suits your organization.


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