CodeMash 2016

CodeMash 2016

In early January of this year, Bravo LT sent one of our accomplished developers, Nick, to attend the annual CodeMash conference in Sandusky, Ohio. The event, 10 years strong, aims to educate the tech community on a variety of topics, including Agile practices, legacy codebases, security, and API design, as well as languages such as .NET, PHP, Ruby, Java, and Python.

This year’s conference, which lasted four days, was not only an amazing opportunity for developers to network with their peers, but also to attend presentations by tech leaders such as Michael Perry, Nivia Henry, and Jim Homes. CodeMash further provided activities and presentations for younger audiences through KidzMash, a program with the purpose of igniting a passion in technology in children.

CodeMash V2.0.1.6 was a huge success, and we’re already excited to attend next year!

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