Jamboree Hackathon 2016


February 26th – 28th, Bravo LT held our first-ever Jamboree hackathon. The purpose of this event was to have our developers band together to brainstorm a new Bravo LT timesheet solution, learn a new programming language, build camaraderie, and have fun.


During the Friday night Jamboree kickoff, Bravo LT president and grillmaster, Ed, grilled up flavorful steaks for our boys.  A few drinks were had, of course.


Post dinner, the guys got to work discussing the 50,000 foot view of our timesheet solution. After determining what the end product should look like, they rewarded themselves with a few more drinks before knocking off sometime in the early a.m. hours.



It’s go time!


Photo credit: Kyle Chamberlin

Our developers spent the morning discussing the best tech stacks for the solution and ultimately decided to tackle UI. By the time Saturday night rolled around, the database integration was working!


Photo credit: Kyle Chamberlin

Wrap-up! The guys spent the morning reviewing accomplishments and reflecting on the weekend before heading home to enjoy the rest of their Sunday.

Bravo LT is so thankful to have such committed and highly talented developers, and we’d like to thank them for volunteering their time and ideas for this event. We had such a wonderful time with you guys and look forward to our next Jamboree!

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