Google I/O Extended Grand Rapids 2016 Recap

Google I/O Extended Grand Rapids 2016 Recap

For the second year in a row, Bravo LT was a proud Platinum Sponsor of the annual Google I/O Extended Grand Rapids. The event took place on May 18, 2016, and was held in the historic Harris Building on Division Avenue. This year’s I/O Extended featured a live stream of the event from Mountain View, California, and provided other perks, such as food, games, and keynote presentations from local entrepreneurs, developers, and designers.





The day started off with a bang. Propaganda Doughnuts served up trays of warm donuts, while Lantern Coffee baristas were slinging up speciality café drinks. Guests buzzed around our table hoping to solve puzzles, make great connections, and win awesome swag.



Lunch was catered by Gilmore Collection. Attendees who were lucky enough to find Bravo Bots in our treasure hunt were claiming their prizes; developers were submitting their last-minute Code Challenge pull requests. Most importantly, we kept the crowd caffeinated with endless Mountain Dew and chocolate!



The Google I/O live stream kicked off shortly after lunch in the ballroom, where everyone gathered around to see what amazing new technologies were being unveiled. Ever the innovator, Google revealed revolutionary new products, such as Google Home, Daydream, and Allo and Duo apps.



After the main event, it was time for “My Other API Is a Graph,” a talk by our very own developer Dave Schoutens. In his presentation, Dave discussed how remote data-access patterns have evolved over the years. Using fun and relatable LEGO analogies, he compared RPC, REST, SOAP, and other APIs while challenging the audience to question what’s next. (Check out his slide deck here!)



During Dave’s talk, our Code Challenge ended. Dan McCracken, from Google Developer Groups Grand Rapids, handled the raffle drawing for our big prizes. We gave away an ASUS ZenWatch 2, a Raspberry Pi 3, a Chromecast, a Chromecast Audio, and a swag bag filled to the brim with awesome Bravo LT goodies!



To finish off I/O, an after party catered by Gilmore Collection was held in the ballroom. Local band Valentiger rocked it, while everyone sipped on New Holland Brewing beer. By 8pm, the party had worn down, and, after a long day, it was finally time to head back.


We at Bravo LT would like to give huge thanks to the Google Developers Group Grand Rapids, the amazing Harris Building, our crew who worked long and hard on this event, and those in attendance who made the second annual Google I/O Extended Grand Rapids a success! We had such a great time working with and meeting so many new people, and we can’t wait to do it again next year.

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