Grand Rapids Java Users Group Meetup 6/15/16

Grand Rapids Java Users Group Meetup 6/15/16

On Wednesday, June 15, Bravo LT hosted our second Grand Rapids Java Users Group Meetup.

The night started out with Jet’s pizza, drinks, and networking. Before settling in for the keynote presentation, Carlus Henry, GR JUG’s co-organizer and event host, pulled names for the raffle—five lucky guests left with Bravo LT shirts and tote bags filled with other goodies!


Following introductions, our very own developer Dustin Clifford began his engaging talk, “Make Your Camel a Bus,” leading the discussion on Apache Camel, a lightweight ESB framework that gives access to Enterprise Integration Patterns from within an application or container. Dustin also touched on how to use Apache Camel to harness the power of patterns, which frees developers to concentrate on more important things—like making a really cool product!


As always, we’d like to give a big “thank you” to all who worked on the event, and those who came out to make this turnout our biggest yet. We hope to see you at the next GR JUG lab, “Apache Camel : Getting Your Project Over The Hump.” The event will be held at our facilities, July 20, from 6pm – 8pm. To sign up, visit the GR JUG Meetup page here.

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