Responsive e-Learning: One Size Does Not Fit All

Responsive e-Learning: One Size Does Not Fit All

e-Learning modules have traditionally been static—stiff, heavy courses that are not quite optimized for modern-day mobile devices. Designed in a constrained aspect ratio, these modules can technically fit on any size screen, but they are certainly not optimized to fit well—and that’s hardly the best option when you need to train employees on the go, or simply need to train them on a device other than a desktop computer or laptop.


Example of a static module shown on a mobile device.

Today, mobile is king. People across the globe heavily rely on their smartphones and tablets for everything—communicating with friends and family, reading the news, playing games, and, of course, learning! That’s where responsive training comes in.

Inspired by responsive web design, which targets design and development to a user’s behavior and device, responsive mobile learning (m-learning) consists of modules that are designed to “respond” to the individual devices they are being viewed on. So, how does that work? By using mobile-friendly e-learning authoring tools (we love Adapt!), our instructional designers here at Bravo LT can create modules that detect the kind of device they’re being viewed on and automatically reorganize themselves to perfectly fit on the screens of mobile devices. Plus, these courses use HTML5 instead of Flash, allowing for greater accessibility across devices—without sacrificing interactivity.

If that’s not impressive enough, these responsive modules also have cleaner navigation, larger font sizes, smaller file sizes, and more intuitive layouts, making on-the-go training easier than ever!


Example of a responsive module shown on a mobile device.

And like all of the training materials we create, our responsive modules, designed by our professional instructional designers and e-learning developers, are meticulously crafted to be engaging, memorable learning events catered to specific employee demographics. We always collaborate with subject matter experts (SMEs), managers, and other stakeholders to ensure training meets organizational goals and effectively transforms employees from the inside out.

Want to find out how responsive m-learning can improve your training program? Send us a message at We’re ready to partner with you!

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