Giving Back: Why Bravo Cares

Giving Back: Why Bravo Cares

By guest writer and Bravo LT Creative Designer, Samantha Del Castillo

When I first interviewed for my position at Bravo LT a little more than a year ago, my interviewer—Bravo LT president Ed—asked me what some of my hobbies were. “Well, I really like listening to music…I like drawing…oh, and I volunteer at the local animal shelter,” I responded. Ed briefly commended me on my volunteering efforts—a nicety, I assumed—and the conversation moved right along.

Fast forward to a few days later when I received an email from Ed telling me I was a good fit for the gig—cool! And part of the reason I was a great fit, he said, was because of my devotion to animal rescue—wow, really? I guess I hadn’t realized during my interview how important that effort was to Bravo LT.  Learning this, I knew right then that Bravo was exactly the kind of company I wanted to be a part of.

Since my hiring, I’ve learned that Bravo LT has a long history of being deeply involved in the West Michigan community, from offering free educational talks to the public to hosting STEM summer camps for kids, these functions have long been a part of our commitment to donating our time and resources to causes we believe in.

However, I noticed there wasn’t a formal name for all of this philanthropic work that we did. That was when my colleague, Ben, and I had an a-ha moment: What if we created an actual program for our charitable endeavors? And why couldn’t we kick it up a notch? So that’s exactly what we did!

We launched our Care initiative in the summer of 2016, and since then, I’m pretty proud to say we’ve done a whole lot of good—from sponsoring the Spectrum Health Foundation’s Gala 2016 to holding a supplies drive for the local animal shelter to supporting God’s Kitchen and volunteering at Kids’ Food Basket. We’ve also hosted several educational talks and held another summer camp for kids. How’s that for kicking it up a notch?

Thinking back to the day I accepted this job, I remember how excited I was to find out that Bravo LT’s community commitment aligned so closely with my own passion for volunteering. And now that we’ve launched our Care initiative, I’m even more excited—excited to see the program grow, and excited to find new ways we can give back to our amazing community!

Do you know of a great non-profit that could use a little help? Send your ideas to or comment below—we’d love to hear them!

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