Ottemo: Making e-Commerce Faster

Ottemo: Making e-Commerce Faster

Okay, we know it’s still mid-winter, but imagine for a moment that you’re shopping for a new swimsuit. Sure, it may be cold and snowy outside, but you can’t help daydreaming about jumping into the pool on a hot, sunny day.

So, you head over to your favorite online clothing retailer and begin to peruse their summer collection. Over 100 beautiful swimsuits to browse—awesome! What’s not so awesome, though, is that each image—one by one—loads at a snail’s pace. Frustrated, you quickly close that tab and look at another website for your summer gear.

Does this shopping-trip-gone-awry sound familiar to you? If so, then you understand how critical the e-commerce experience is to any online shopper. Luckily, such a scenario is easy to avoid, and it all starts with Bravo LT and Ottemo.

We at Bravo LT are excited to announce our partnership with Ottemo, an innovative new cloud-based e-commerce platform that can help you bring your online storefront up to speed! Here are just a few of the reasons we are proud to partner with this cutting-edge organization:

Ottemo is mobile first.
As more and more people rely on their mobile devices for shopping, e-commerce sites must be responsive—an area Ottemo excels in. Unlike other mobile sites, Ottemo-built storefronts are robust, yet quick to load and easy to use.

Ottemo is fast.
Did we mention how fast Ottemo-powered websites are? They are architected for high performance. And because Ottemo handles hosting, scaling, and integration touch points, you can be confident that you are serving up the fastest possible e-commerce experience.

Ottemo is scalable.
Because Ottemo’s framework is scalable, that means no upgrades or additional costs as your organization, and website, grows. This allows for enterprise performance without the enterprise price tag!

Ottemo is convenient.
Ottemo likes to makes things simple—for you and your shoppers. Hosting is built into the licensing agreement, integration is simple, and websites are hosted and managed by experts in the cloud. On top of that, Ottemo websites have integrated SEO capabilities, built-in real-time data analytics, and offer easy single-page checkout—a time-saving (and headache-saving) feature that shoppers love.

So, how does your website stack up? Shoot us an email at today to learn how we can optimize your online store’s presence.

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