It was nice to meet you at IOExtendedGR! Here’s a quick overview of what life’s like at Bravo LT.

Team Life & Values
We share a passion for technology and the community we serve, and we are committed to building long-lasting, productive relationships. We focus on giving back to the community, positively impacting society, and providing quality solutions that work. We believe in Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose and in trusting people to do the right thing – and we think Bravo LT is a pretty great place to be a part of.

Opportunities for Growth
Bravo LT offers numerous training and educational opportunities to help you pursue and grow in career boosting areas of interest. Our team sees involvement in a number of community groups and events (West Michigan ATD, West Michigan PMI, GDG_GR, Google I/O, etc.), and is committed to reaching out to our peers to accelerate our skills and provide practical business solutions in the Grand Rapids area.

We Invest in You
Here’s an overview of Bravo benefits.

You’ll find us reading:
– 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey
– Good to Great – Jim Collins
– Drive – Daniel H. Pink

Bravo LT needs you ​to ​be a part of our highly motivated group of technology experts. Apply today.