Drive an Agile Approach with our JIRA Solutions Team
Bravo LT offers JIRA solutions to help you reach your business goals. JIRA is the #1 software development and tracking tool used by agile teams at over 70,000 companies worldwide, according to JIRA parent company Atlassian. JIRA, powered by Atlassian, supports the agile methodology, providing agile boards and reports to help in planning, tracking, and managing all your agile projects in a single tool.

Our JIRA Solutions

  • JIRA/Confluence (Atlassian Suite, etc.)
  • Agile Health Check
  • Agile Best Practices
  • Atlassian Licenses
  • Atlassian Integration: Add-ons, Plug-ins, and Custom Development
  • JIRA Managed Services: Support and Administration

Are you ready to drive an agile approach with Bravo LT and JIRA? Contact us today to learn more.