Bravo provides online and onsite software training for out-of-the-box software and proprietary software. To support these services, Bravo provides software training manuals, quick reference guides (QRGs), and other software training materials for virtually any application that’s on your desktop.

End-users use only 15% of the features in any software application. At Bravo we think this is an appalling statistic. Not only does it mean that end-users are not productive, it also means that software investments can end up costing much more than the original purchase price.

End-User training from Bravo can help users begin to use and understand the most powerful features of the software application. This will help those end-users increase their productivity, which ultimately makes any software purchase worthwhile.

Because Bravo has been training end-users for over 12 years, we understand end-user concerns, how end-users learn, and what end-users need from their software training. Because users who take our courses learn through hands-on activities in both classroom training and web-based training, they remember more and can apply more of what they learn to what they do everyday.

Bravo’s training materials give end-users a reference when they can’t remember exact steps of a task to be completed in the application. When they use these follow-up reference tools, users are less likely to call their organizations help desk, which will ultimately save time and money.