I highly recommend Bravo LT; Bravo LT consistently provides the people and the know-how to help Priority Health develop technology solutions that work.

   Mike Ply, Manager Web Service Development, Priority Health

When it comes to healthcare software development, we really know our stuff. Bravo LT has successfully designed, developed, and implemented innovative solutions that meet the rigid demands of the healthcare industry—and we’ve got the happy clients to prove it. We have effectively:

  • Developed distributed search for members, patients, and internal resources in a healthcare setting
  • Managed data flow control and event-based systems to integrate hospital, clinic, and pharmacy systems
  • Provided services for consistent data access used by all projects associated with our client’s patient portal
  • Integrated corporate configuration and security components into third party applications used by the enterprise
  • Pioneered a new method for enterprise service orchestration
  • Reduced service outages and overall enterprise downtime drastically
  • Facilitated contract, plan, group, and document management by writing software to enhance and improve business processes
  • Advised on methods and best practices
  • Exposed Epic and Cerner data in secure, meaningful ways via web services to other systems within the enterprise and to patients via those external systems


Additional Technology Services Offered by Bravo LT